Longmont AC Repair

We want you to enjoy your summer months without having to worry about suffering in what should be the comfort of your home. You should be able to leave the blistering heat waves outside and feel the cool soft AC breeze in your home. If this is something you are worried about experiencing, it is no trouble contacting us to look over your HVAC unit. We want to  ensure that your HVAC unit will be working correctly by the summer heatwaves. 

Our number one priority at 1st Action Plumbing, Heating & Air is to aid you through the process or repairing and installing high-quality, well-functioning, and affordable products to help cool the entirety of your home. We take pride in our ability to be completely honest with you about our judgments of your unit’s complications, to better guide you to an affordable fix that will provide the best use of your HVAC system. We want to help you make the best financial decision for the present time and future of your Northern Colorado home. 

Below are just a few of the complications that we can quickly diagnose and resolve here at 1st Action in Longmont:

  • Evaporator coils freezing
  • Cleaning your evaporator coil 
  • Thermostat readings that are incorrectly labeled 
  • An AC unit producing ice build-up
  • A low refrigerant
  • Problems with your fan
  • Leakage from your air duct

Signs that you need our HVAC expertise

We know it can be frustrating finding comfort in a home that is constantly leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. 1st Action in Longmont doesn’t want you to go through it alone! With us, we can help your house feel homey again – no more unwanted heat, but a future of AC and bliss! With our honorable customer service, we want to aid your HVAC decisions with our 100% honest answers. Whatever the question or concern you may have, we gain our customers’ respect by not just telling them what they want to hear, but by providing the exact reason their HVAC system may not be running properly. We work together to find the right and affordable resolutions for your HVAC needs that will last for years to come. It’s understandable if you’re wary about asking for help, but just know that is exactly what we are here for! 

Here are a few signs that could potentially be damaging to your HVAC unit, which would result in contacting an HVAC contractor.

  • If there seems to be warm air drifting from your AC unit and your bills are more expensive than normal, call an HVAC professional.
  • It is not typical for your home to be experiencing off levels of humidity. If this is an issue with your system, call for assistance.
  • Contact our Longmont location if you have any complications with your unit cycling on and off.
  • Unwanted odors from your HVAC unit often leads to signs of bacteria. This is something we can quickly help you solve!

Call our location in Longmont today! 

We understand that dealing with HVAC problems can be extremely irritating. Here at 1st Action, we hope you don’t find complications with your unit, but know you can turn to us if you do! If and when you face HVAC complications, we will ensure your HVAC system will produce years of satisfactory work. Contact a Longmont AC repair expert today!