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Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Furnace Repair & Replacement

Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement - What You Should Know

Why Choose 1st Action Plumbing, Heating, & Air?

The way we see it, you’ve come to this page for one of several reasons. You might have a furnace that’s starting to act up — as in, it’s getting more noisy, less efficient, and/or your energy bills have started to skyrocket when compared to past winters in Northern Colorado. Another possibility is that your home has recently developed hot and cold spots; the master bedroom is way too toasty to sleep comfortably in, whereas your kids’ bedrooms are the exact opposite. Yet another possibility is that you’ve arrived here because you are the proactive type — nothing’s gone wrong yet, but you want to be prepared and educated yourself like the responsible homeowner that you are!

Regardless of which of these camps you fall into, if any, the important thing is that you’ve come to the right place in 1st Action Plumbing, Heating & Air. We are furnace repair and installation experts, with over two decades of experience that has given us the chance to work on all furnace makes and models.

Before we dive into the repair vs. replacement discussion, we’d like to make sure that everyone understands the importance of ensuring your home or business’ heater is running properly.

Five Reasons Why You Should Care About Furnace Repair & ReplacementThere are many reasons to care about your furnace and how it supports your home heating, but here are five of the most important for your consideration.


Among the many reasons there are to care about how your furnace, none are more important than the fact that you and your family’s safety can be put at risk if you choose to ignore your furnace’s condition for a lengthy period of time. Any furnace or HVAC system that’s exposing you to carbon monoxide needs to be immediately replaced. Fortunately, there are several signs that your furnace might be emitting carbon monoxide, such as:

  • A yellow furnace burner flame (it should be blue)
  • Your pipes have rusted
  • There’s excess moisture on surfaces such as windows and walls
  • No upward draft in the chimney
  • Soot streaks around the furnace
  • Residents of the home feel disoriented, nauseous, have headaches, or have flu-like symptoms


Another reason why you should care about the status of your furnace is that you could be flushing money down the drain due to its inefficiency. Most furnaces older than ten years are operating at a suboptimal level. Standard furnaces function at roughly an 80% efficiency level, which means that 20% of the fuel energy goes straight up the chimney, completely wasted. Instead of throwing away your hard-earned money on your energy bill each passing month, consider going with a high-efficiency furnace from 1st Action (and get $500 your purchase this winter!). Additionally, installing a high-efficiency heating system can make you eligible for local and state tax credits and rebates!


Even if you have no carbon monoxide issues and you are comfortable with your monthly utility bill — we must ask, are you comfortable with how your furnace heats your home or business? Furnaces shouldn’t be running non-stop, they shouldn’t be overly noisy, and your home shouldn’t have hot and cold spots. While older systems weren’t necessarily designed to heat every room evenly (two-story houses are particularly difficult for older furnaces), modern furnace models and HVAC systems feature technology specifically designed to keep your entire home comfortable.


The other side of the efficient-furnace coin has to do with the environment itself. Keeping in mind the fact that most furnaces waste upwards of 20% of all energy produced, upgrading to a more efficient and eco-friendly furnace will help reduce your carbon footprint. And while we understand that might not be a top priority for every homeowner in Northern Colorado, for others it matters a great deal! Every little bit helps.

Your Future

While it’s no guarantee that a new furnace installation will increase your home’s value, it’s very likely to help you successfully sell your home — especially if your current furnace is dated and struggling to perform the way it once did. Likewise, if you are planning on retiring soon or have already retired, there’s no better time than to enjoy an evenly heated, cost-effective HVAC system and furnace!

Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement - What You Should Know

Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement – What You Should Know

Now that we are all on the same page about how important furnace performance is to your overall well-being, it’s time to discuss the classic question, “Should I repair or replace my furnace?” There are many different factors to consider; below you’ll find practical information to help guide your decision-making process. Keep in mind, however, that no two home’s systems are alike, so we are happy to put our expertise and experience to good use for you. Just give us a call if you’d like our professional opinion about your unique situation!

Both Options Can Be Pricey

We will always be completely upfront with you at our Loveland HVAC company. Whether we are installing or repairing a furnace, you can count on us to provide the information you need to make the best decision for you and yours. That said, it’s often the case that the cost of repairing your furnace is half the price of installing a new unit. As a general rule, it’s time to go with the new furnace installation option when the repairs get that pricey. For reference, new furnaces usually cost between $2,000 and $7,000, depending on the type and efficiency levels. But remember, new furnaces last a long time. Treat your next like an investment and you’ll be able to reap the benefits for decades.

Electric Furnaces Vs. Natural Gas

If you are interested in replacing your furnace, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of electric furnaces vs natural gas. While electric furnaces typically cost less to install and are less bulky, gas furnaces tend to be more economical, not to mention provide more even, efficient heating throughout the home.

Now, don’t get the idea that there are no high-quality electric furnaces out there — their benefits also include reduced safety risks — but your home does need to have a gas line to be eligible for a gas furnace in the first place.

Gas Furnaces Vs. Electric Furnaces

Gas Furnace Electric Furnace
 Pros Lasts up to two decades or longer
Better for even heating in colder climates
Lower fuel costs
More efficient
Affordable installation
Smaller size
Quieter and safer than gas furnaces
Ideal for warmer climates
Last up to three decades
Cons Noisier than electric furnaces
(Unlikely) safety concerns regarding carbon monoxide
More expensive to install
Needs more regular maintenance
Increased fuel costs
Less efficient
Possibility of failing to heat house evenly

Again, just give 1st Action a call if you’d like some assistance in analyzing which type of furnace is right for your unique needs!

Signs It’s Time

It’s time we identify some of the most common signs it’s time to either repair or replace your furnace. When reading this list, remember the one thing that you shouldn’t do is to stand pat and forget about the issue altogether.

Here are a few signs it’s time to consider furnace repair service or furnace installation in Loveland:

  • Furnace is 15 years old (or older)
  • Furnace makes loud noises while running, such as popping, screeching, or rattling
  • Furnace heats your home unevenly
  • Energy bills are noticeably higher
  • You’ve repaired your furnace multiple times (it’s time to replace it!)
  • Any of the other reasons we’ve mentioned above

Why Choose 1st Action Plumbing, Heating, & Air?

Why Choose 1st Action Plumbing, Heating, & Air?

If you’ve made the decision that it’s time to do something about your furnace, we want to tell you a bit more about why 1st Action Plumbing, Heating & Air is worth your consideration. We break it down into three separate categories — expertise, reputation, and cost-effectiveness.


As mentioned above, we have close to 30 years of combined HVAC experience at 1st Action. We are Northern Colorado’s choice for furnace installations and repairs because we put our experience and industry knowledge to work for you. We are a family-owned, local business that truly cares about our Northern Colorado community. Again, we can service furnaces of any make and model.


Reputations are earned, not deserved, and as such we are extremely proud of how we treat our customers in terms of both process and outcome. Here is one of our favorite reviews we’ve recently received:

Trent and Bret did an excellent job removing the old furnace and air conditioning systems, as well as installing the new ones. They were sure to test the pressures and functionality of the units, made sure everything was up to code, and also explained what I needed to know about the units. They were both kind, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. I highly recommend them both for your HVAC needs.

—Dan H., Local Guide, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Additionally, we are proud to have earned the following titles for our dedication to customer service:

  • Top-Rated Professional on Home Advisor
  • Elite Service Professional on Home Advisor
  • Seal of Approval on Home Advisor

In terms of both professional and social proof, 1st Action is among the very top HVAC contractors in the entire state!


Last, but certainly not least, we come to price point. While furnace repairs and installations aren’t exactly cheap, choosing a reliable and affordable heating and cooling company like 1st Action will help make sure you 1) don’t overpay for installation or maintenance, and 2) get access to a variety of furnace warranties that will protect your investment for years to come.

If you are ready to discuss furnace repair vs. replacement in Loveland or greater Northern Colorado, reach out to us at 1st Action Plumbing, Heating & Air at your convenience. We’d love to hear from you!