Affordable AC Repair & Installation In Loveland


Staying cool when the temperatures start to rise in Lakewood can be vital to the health and safety of you and your loved ones. It’s also just more comfortable. Our team of experienced technicians at 1st Action can provide you with a wide variety of expert AC services to ensure you have control over your indoor temperature and that you can depend on your cooling system all season long.


1st Action Plumbing, Heating & Air is a Lakewood HVAC company that offers affordable air conditioning services that include repairs and installation. With 27 years of combined HVAC experience, we are prepared to apply our knowledge and skills to your home cooling system and deliver the results you need to be comfortable in your Northern Colorado home.


Below are just a few of the many AC issues we can diagnose and resolve at 1st Action:

  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings
  • Ice buildup on AC unit
  • Low refrigerant
  • Fan problems
  • Air duct leakage


Signs You Need AC Service

As your heating and cooling system ages, it can lose efficiency and even break, and choosing just any contractor can lead to a costly and prolonged operation. So when you need any service for your HVAC system, you can count on 1st Action to get the job done right. Our highly experienced team will help you decide on the best system for you, your needs, and without breaking the bank.

Below are four signs that you should get an HVAC contractor out to your home or business to diagnose your AC unit:

  • Warm air – When cool airflow literally loses its cool, call in an HVAC professional.
  • Humidity – If your cooling system can’t keep moisture levels within a comfortable range, contact your Lakewood HVAC experts. 
  • Strange cycles – If you notice frequent cycles, contact our team of cooling experts. A quick air conditioner tune-up may resolve the problem.
  • Abnormal odors – If your air conditioning system begins to smell, it could be a sign of mold. Contact us for a cleaning.


Call 1st Action Today!

Is your air conditioner showing signs of trouble like leaks, warm air, or strange noises? Do you want to keep your system running as efficiently as possible? 1st Action Plumbing, Heating, & Air offers reliable air conditioning service in Lakewood that includes annual maintenance plans and repairs to extend the life of your AC system and reduce your energy costs. Book online at your convenience.