Are you showering faster and faster to beat the end of your hot water? Is your water heater making new noises? It’s time to give the local water heater specialists at 1st Action a call. Though traditional hot water heaters last for eight to 12 years, they all need a little TLC every now and then. There’s also a chance your heater needs to retire, so we’ll need to take a look at your water heater tank and the whole system to be sure. The key is bringing in knowledgeable professionals who can accurately troubleshoot and resolve whatever is going on. At 1st Action Plumbing Heating & Air, we take our plumbing service to the next level with fair prices and excellent workmanship. Get in touch to schedule an appointment with our Loveland plumbers today.

Water Heater Installation: Keep Your Hot Water Heater Going Strong

Thanks to more than two decades of combined experience, our team can tackle any hot water heater issue. We’ll be transparent and honest with you the entire way, going the extra mile to set you up for lasting peace of mind. Here are just a few of the scenarios we can resolve for a great price:

  • Rusty colored water
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Smelly hot water
  • Scalding water
  • Reheat lags
  • Strange noises
  • Not enough hot water/no hot water

Your Hot Water Heater Repair Team

We’ve spent decades perfecting our craft in order to make life better for you. There’s nothing we love more than bringing relief to stressed home and business owners like you. In fact, that’s our primary drive. When you need Northern Colorado water heating experts who will look you in the eye, respect your property, and protect your interests, choose us.